Our experience sets us apart.

For the past 42 years, Danny Hartsell has been an avid outdoorsman and conservationist in the woods and on the water. His main passion is being on the water, and that love is what brought him to the sport of competitive bass fishing. Over the years he has traveled the State of Alabama fishing tournaments and representing/Pro Staffing for several top rated fishing companies, to include Humminbird/Minn Kota/Talon.

Danny has a college degree in Science and continues to serve as a Professional Firefighter and a Nationally Registered Paramedic for 30+ years. He spent six and a half years as a College Paramedic Instructor, and thoroughly enjoys the process of breaking down and teaching complex materials and most recently writing training manuals.

Danny and his wife, Katie own Electronic Fisherman, LLC and Alabama Mobile LED. Danny has completed various custom LED light & Humminbird depth finder installs on more than 80 boats. He has also conducted numerous on the water training classes since 2019, which is why this manual was originally written.

When Danny first started installing depth finders, he was continually being asked if he could help them better understand their electronics. With Danny’s teaching background he realized the need for a step-by-step manual. He spent hundreds of hours writing what he already knew about his own units and then spent hundreds of hours more scanning the Humminbird Helix Manual. (His wife, Katie can vouch for this!) After tons of trails and errors, manual one was completed.

The original manual, Electronics On-The-Water Training, was written in 2019 for his on-the-water training class, but COVID turned it into something more which is why the Introductory Training Manual and the Advanced Training Manual have been written.

It is Danny’s desire for anglers to better understand their electronics and be able to use them with confidence.